Spring Shift


Cinnabar has put together the perfect programs to change your life this spring. Enjoy discounted prices on our popular and effective Slimming Package, ear magnets, acupuncture, and massage when you sign up for Heather Hemmer’s fitness program:


Basic Program – READY FOR CHANGE

  • 8-Week Supervised Training
  • 1 Group Training Classes/Wk
  • 1 lifestyle consult w/ Heather
  • Before & After Measurements & Photos
  • Nutrition & Wellness
  • Unlimited email/phone access with Heather

Investment: $299 + $50 REGISTRATION
($699 VALUE)

Advanced Program – IN IT TO WIN IT!
all benefits from Ready for Change plus…

  • 20% Discount on all BWI services
  • 4 – 30 minute coaching
  • 8 – 30 minute personal training sessions
  • consult with acupuncturist at Ciinnabar for personalized herbs to help with energy & weightloss


($1189 VALUE)


April Talk: Dr. Richard Huber, PhD

When: Wednesday, April 24, 2013, @ 6pm

Where: Cinnabar Acupuncture Clinic & Spa, 10432 Reserve Dr, Ste 111, 92127

Guaranteed to be the best talk on skincare in your life, the brilliant and irreverent Dr. Huber promises to answer all questions on how to maintain youthful, healthy skin, naturally and sustainably. We will cover how to keep skin healthy and protect against aging as well as how to correct acne, wrinkles, dark spots, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and more.

All attendees will receive gifts from 302 Skincare and Cinnabar. A delicious gluten-free dinner will be provided. Enter to win big prizes by:

1) Downloading our free App. Visit the App Store on your phone and search for “Cinnabar Acupuncture.”
2) Clicking “Yes” to receive Push Notifications.
3) Posting a message on the “Spa Wall.”

We will select three winners from the “Spa Wall.”
The winners will be notified via Push Notification, so please click “yes” for Push Notifications. Note: Contestants must be present at our April 24 event to win.

From the Rainforest to Our Skin!

Dr. Richard Huber’s research team from Eli Lilly and Company was funded by a grant from MIT to: “Go to the rain forest and discover the Fountain of Youth!”

During a two-year research expedition Dr. Huber’s team encountered a community of farmers growing coffee beans in the mountains of Guatemala. In this region Dr. Huber discovered members of this one village had youthful, disease and acne free skin that was almost unaffected by the equatorial sun.

Dr. Huber learned that the only significant difference between this “Fountain of Youth” community and other farmers was these people supplemented their daily diet with avocados from the trees shading their coffee crops. Dr. Huber learned residents in this village ate 8-10 avocados per person, per day!

Dr. Huber realized that there was something in the avocados that was causing their youthful skin. He returned to his lab and isolated the avocado serum that was internally protecting the farmer’s skin from the effects of environmental aging. After extensive testing, Dr. Huber created the all-natural 302 Skincare line so that everyone could benefit from avocado’s healing effects without eating 8-10 avocados each day.

Dr. Huber’s testing revealed the healthy-aging serum, called Avocatin, contained in avocados had a molecular weight of 302. This means the molecules are small enough to flow through our 28 layers of protective skin cells and reach our dermis where our skin is created. 302 is unlike anything else. 302 Skincare is a nutrient based treatment. 302 delivers the Avocatin nutrients to our dermis layer to reduce wrinkles and keep our skin youthful and hydrated.

The Nevada Cancer Institute uses 302 Drops and Serums for cancer radiation burns because they’ve found Avocatin to be the most effective treatments they’ve found for their patient’s recovery.

Instead of eating 300 avocados every month, all 302 Drops and Serums contain the most effective concentration of the avocado serum for daily use. After cleansing, one application per day provides the optimal amount of Avocatin to restore your skin to a more youthful condition. Multiple applications per day can also help your skin’s recovery from post-op treatments and wound care to diminish or eliminate skin scaring.

Treating Immunizations with TCM; Before You Vaccinate Your Dog

My dog Rita recently got a rabies shot which brought up the subject of how to treat immunizations in TCM.
Immunizations cause latent heat toxins. Latent Heat Toxins are a factor in many modern diseases such as cancer and autoimmune diseases and should be taken seriously.

My dog Virginia died of injection site sarcoma (cancer that develops at the site of immunization injections which is why vets now vary the location of injections) and I now avoid immunizing my pets as much as possible.

I follow these guidelines:
1.    I immunize my pets the bare minimum possible.
2.    They only receive one immunization at a time, spaced out by at least 1 week.
3.    I treat them with Heat Toxin clearing herbs to avoid latent Heat toxins.

Animals are harder to treat as they don’t offer feedback and their signs are less obvious than humans. In children the appearance of Heat Toxins and damage to Yin by vaccinations is easier to see, as the body of their tongue will get redder than normal.

There are several formulas for the treatment of Heat toxin. They should be taken right after immunizations. This is a chinese herbal formula specifically for the rabies virus, which is the injection Rita had. I used powdered herbs and made a decoction and used a syringe to administer it orally every 4 hours until symptoms subsided:

di gu pi, jiang can, tao ren, lian qiao, huang lian, qiang huo, chi shao, fu ling, tu bie chong

Note: I am not a veterinarian and thus this information is given for entertainment purpose only.

A Different Perspective on the Nature of Our World


“Semen is Latin
for a dormant, fertilized,
plant ovum –
a seed.
Men’s ejaculate
is chemically more akin
to plant pollen.
it is really
more accurate
to call it
mammal pollen.

To call it
is to thrust
an insanity
deep inside our culture:
that men plow women
and plant their seed
when, in fact,
what they are doing
is pollinating

Doesn’t that change everything between us?”
Stephen Harrod Buhnner

Wild Girls and Fire Ants; a Sweat Lodge Story

Went to my first sweat lodge yesterday at One Heart Lodge. I should mention that I was there for serious reasons. I was there to surrender my dying past and receive the birth of my new life. Anyways, the universe has no use for seriousness.

I was greeted by fiery red ants under my feet and 2 of the cutest wild little girls I had ever seen. I was there to seek tradition and wisdom, and the universe presented it to me in the form of Dane Fire Wolf’s 2 daughters: 5 year old Natalie and 8 year old Kitana, and red ants, the tiniest and most vicious of creatures.

I was quickly roped into play duties for which I was late for opening circle. The people gathered there were eclectic and loving. I need to mention how amazing these people were, and yet my lessons didn’t come from them as I expected they should. I wasn’t afraid of the lodge or the not knowing what would happen. I wasn’t concerned about anything (except having to pee), until I entered.

I crawled into a small opening into a dark cramped space. I crawled on my knees on scratchy ground to get to a free spot. It was hellishly hot already, and we were packed like sardines. Moments earlier I had been playing with fairies and had descended into this! Claustrophobia came on like a wave. I breathed through it and settled in to surrender.

Then came the burning rocks, and the steam, and the songs, and the prayers. I was there and not there. In quick secession by fears, attachments, and demons of my past. Followed by gratitude. I prayed for me and everyone and everything.

I never sweated so much. I could feel the bodies of my brothers and sisters around me. We could do without each others’ heat but the connection was vital. We were never alone. In an act of rebellion I dug my hands under the edge of the tarp. I couldn’t feel an opening to the outside. They had really done a good job of sealing us in. I resigned myself to being comforted by the coolness of the rough earth, like my Earth Mother gently reaching Her hand out to me cooling my pulse. I felt great compassion for all the people who had died enclosed in darkness, heat, and constraint.

Then a great joyful, peaceful, angelic presence descended on me and from within me at the same time. I surrendered all to Her. I asked that She tell me when it was time to leave before I passed out in here.

There were 5 rounds of this and we were only now entering round 3. I surrendered waiting to know when to leave. Suddenly Natalie burst into the opening of the lodge for which she was scolded. It was a great light emerging into the darkness.

I waited.

The same angelic presence said,“Why are you here suffering? Go out and play!” It is difficult to explain, but in that moment I understood it perfectly. God is everywhere, in our joy, our pain, our relaxation and our struggles. Why was I now holding on to suffering that had no purpose for me? So I could say I had heroically muscled through? My new teachers Natalie and Kitana would never have fallen for that trap. My heart was clear and at peace. I was done!

I left at the right moment. I sat up with great difficulty. I focused to control my body’s shakiness. I crawled to the opening and stumbled out into the world. Free and with my heart clear for God to take Its proper seat.

I should mention that many times that day I stood on mounds of fire ants. People were repeatedly bitten. (One ant even bit a poor woman on the lip during the lodge.) They never touched me. And I remembered that a while ago I had been given the name Red Ant.

Today I am okay taking my place amongst the fire ants and the wild children.

Wallstreet Journal reports on Chinese Herbs

The ancient formula, Huang Qin Tang, renamed PHY906 in a recent study, reduces side effects of chemotherapy, including diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. The formula also seem to bolster colon-cancer treatment:

So far, research data seem to support Dr. Cheng’s hunch about traditional medicine. “If it’s still in use after a thousand years there must be something right,” he says.

Read the entire article:


2012 Black Water Dragon Year

After the gentleness and introspection of the Metal Rabbit, we enter into the slightly dampened drama of the Water Dragon year. Dragon energy is fiery, excitement, spontaneity, charisma, bordering on tyrannical, arrogant, and reckless. Luckily the Water element softens the Dragon’s edges and gives it’s actions depth. This year promises great movement.