Menstrual Cycle

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) excels at diagnosing hormonal irregularities and balancing them. Acupuncture and herbs are used to resolve menstrual problems (cramps, PMS, irregularity), infertility, IVF support, and menopausal symptoms. The period cycle itself offers an excellent opportunity to diagnose and address hormonal imbalances.

This basic Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Chart shows an idealized cycle. BBT charts can also be read in TCM terms to assess the health of your cycles. You can make your own BBT chart on paper, using an app like Woman Log, or on a website like Fertility Friend.

It is important for women to be intune with their cycle and modify their lifestyle accordingly. If you are healthy it will help keep you that way. If you have an issue, it will help balance it.


Just before the period, your body temperature drops, indicating the beginning of the Yin phase of your cycle. Menstruation is a time for physical and emotional housecleaning. Old thoughts and hurts are sloughed off with the blood. This is a time to rest and stay warm. Avoid swimming in cold water, cold foods, and exposure to cold drafts. Avoid strenuous exercise or work. This is a time for introspection. Clinically this is the time to move Qi and Blood. Problems during the beginning of this phase indicate Qi and Blood stagnation, while problems at the end of the period indicate Qi and Blood deficiency.


This is Yin and Blood building period where the new tissue grows in preparation for a potential baby. Activity increases. Make sure to get plenty of nutrients. Clinically this is the time to Nourish Blood and Yin. Symptoms aggravated during this phase often indicate Blood and/or Yin deficiency.


Your body temperature spikes and the body moves into Yang phase. This tends to be the time when you are physically at your strongest. Clinically this is the time to move Qi and Blood and warm the Yang. Problems with ovulation can have numerous causes.


This is the Qi and Yang building period. Clinically this is the time to boost Qi and Yang. Problems during this time can indicate either Qi and/or Yang deficiency, or Liver Qi stagnation.

Menstrual Renewal

Menstrual Renewal is a set of practices and nutritional guidelines performed during menses and the days after bleeding has ceased. Menstrual Renewal is key to keeping women young and vital well into their later years. For details on this practice please see the book 7 Times a Woman.


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