Treating Immunizations with TCM; Before You Vaccinate Your Dog

My dog Rita recently got a rabies shot which brought up the subject of how to treat immunizations in TCM.
Immunizations cause latent heat toxins. Latent Heat Toxins are a factor in many modern diseases such as cancer and autoimmune diseases and should be taken seriously.

My dog Virginia died of injection site sarcoma (cancer that develops at the site of immunization injections which is why vets now vary the location of injections) and I now avoid immunizing my pets as much as possible.

I follow these guidelines:
1.    I immunize my pets the bare minimum possible.
2.    They only receive one immunization at a time, spaced out by at least 1 week.
3.    I treat them with Heat Toxin clearing herbs to avoid latent Heat toxins.

Animals are harder to treat as they don’t offer feedback and their signs are less obvious than humans. In children the appearance of Heat Toxins and damage to Yin by vaccinations is easier to see, as the body of their tongue will get redder than normal.

There are several formulas for the treatment of Heat toxin. They should be taken right after immunizations. This is a chinese herbal formula specifically for the rabies virus, which is the injection Rita had. I used powdered herbs and made a decoction and used a syringe to administer it orally every 4 hours until symptoms subsided:

di gu pi, jiang can, tao ren, lian qiao, huang lian, qiang huo, chi shao, fu ling, tu bie chong

Note: I am not a veterinarian and thus this information is given for entertainment purpose only.


Alternative Cancer Treatment Support for my Dog

Disclaimer: This is my experience as a layman in caring for my dog who had cancer. It is not intended as medical or professional advice.

Our dog, Virginia, had a recurrent liposarcoma (cancer of the fatty tissue). We were able to extend her life for many years. The following is what worked and didn’t work for her.

We found Virginia on the side of a back country road in Virginia starving to death. With some local investigation we discovered that it was a common practice to dump unwanted animals along with the trash at the dumpsters there. When she was about 5 Virginia developed an autoimmune disease. I personally believe that it was the combination of the autoimmune condition with having her inoculations always injected on the side of her neck that led to the first formation of a tumor right at the site where she would get her shots. (Most vets will vary the place where they inject.)

Virginia underwent a total of 3 operations over 5 years. We elected not to do radiation.

What Worked:

Diet: We made homemade food for Virginia. Typically it was thinly chopped vegetables such as zucchini, yellow squash, sweet potato, carrots, celery, etc. as the base. Then meat was added to comprise 10-20% of the food. Sometimes a little whole grains were added. It was cooked like a stew with “No Chicken Broth” added to make it more soupy. We would often make a big batch and freeze some of it when we were too busy to cook more often. She ate twice a day. She was part beagle and a master beggar so she did get an occasional unhealthy treat.

Supplements: She was about 40 lbs.
daily vitamin, usually “Missing Link.”
1/2 tsp. of Ursolic acid 2x a day in her meal (purported in other countries to shrink tumors)
1 capsule of Hydrazine Sulfate 2x a day in her meal (purported in other countries to slow tumor growth)
Chinese Ginseng in tablet form, 2 tablets 2x a day (strengthens the Qi without strengthening the pathogen)

The following are other ideas from a knowledgeable Naturopath:
Vitamin B 17 (laetrile and amygdalin)
Powdered Greens: Earth and VitaMineral Greens , Doc Broc’s Power Plants
Graviola leaf and steam – said to attack only the cancer cells
Sprouts – especially cruciferous (broccoli, etc.). Always lightly steam to remove anti-digestive elements.

What didn’t work:
MMS, “Miracle Mineral Solution”, also known as “Master Mineral Solution” and “Miracle Mineral Supplement”. Someone had recommended this as an anti-cancer supplement. Her health went downhill immediately from taking this product.