Have You Had Your Pumpkin Today?

Pumpkins are more than pretty reminders of the holiday season. They are a potent medicine. Pumpkins have a cool temperature, are sweet and slightly bitter, and resolve dampness in the body. They are used in Chinese Food therapy to:

  • balance blood sugar
  • tonify the Spleen/Pancreas
  • discharge mucous from the lungs, bronchi, and throat
  • alleviate bronchial asthma
  • alleviate eczema and edema
  • pumpkin seeds reduce prostate inflammation and clear roundworms from the intestines

When using food as a therapy you need to eat it at least once a day. If you have one of the above conditions, have pumpkin daily for as long as they are season. Food therapy is surprisingly powerful to make and keep us healthy. It is also cheap and has no side effects.


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