Chinese Face Reading; Metal Element Personality

Metal Element Personality

Balanced Metal is methodical, discerning, scrupulous, accepting, neat, calm, disciplined, honorable, precise, and reserved. Excess Metal can become the stereotypical anal-retentive” personality which becomes too restrictive and dogmatic and overly concerned with rules and preserving purity. Deficient Metal can fall into sloppiness and hypocrisy. Metal is very concerned with appearances and order. They tend to fall into two camps, either idealizing antique works of art or new, trendy technology. The major issue for Metal is loss and grief. When Metal types are addicted it tends to be with trendy mixed drinks, alcohol disguised in juice, or abuse of prescription drugs so as not to give the appearance of being out of control or doing something against the rules. An obsession with purity can also sometimes create a darkside. Health problems tend towards asthma, low immunity, and other Lung and Large Intestine organ system disorders.

Physical Metal Characteristics

Face: It is chiseled, with high cheek bones, and delicate. There is a sheen to the skin.

Body: It looks fragile and delicate and thin, sometimes with a narrow chest.

Famous Examples: Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista

For more information we suggest our teacher, Patrician McCarthy’s site.

Further Reading:
The Face Reader by Patrician McCarthy
Face Reading in Chinese Medicine by Lillian Bridges
The Power of Face Reading by Rose Rosetree
Between Heaven and Earth by Beinfield and Korngold -simple, straightforward 5 Element explanation


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