Chinese Face Reading; Earth Element Personality

Earth Element Personality

This has been the traditional ideal wife and mother, and when unbalanced, the Type C personality. This is not to say that men are not Earth. Men and women comprise all of the elemental types. Some types are held as the ideal for that gender, while others suffer for having a different nature. Grounded and practical, when balanced earth is the glue that binds all elements together. It is nurturing, supportive, relaxed, oriented, sociable, sympathetic, considerate, agreeable, poised, and attentive.

As nice as the balanced Earth is, unbalanced Earth can be just as difficult to contend with as the other elemental types. Excess Earth frets and meddles and can be quite overbearing and domineering. (As an example many professional fighters have significant amount of Earth). That wonderful groundedness can transform into unmovable and impractical stubbornness. When deficient, Earth can become clingy and vacillating, too eager to please. Earth is the caretaker and the main issue is worry. Food addiction (especially sweets) tends to the major problem. Health problems tend towards digestive problems and other Spleen and Stomach organ system disorders.

Physical Earth Characteristics

Face: Roundness to the face with an anchored or grounded feeling. May be a double chin. The face tends to be fleshy even in a thinner person. Earth people are not necessarily overweight or jowly.

Body: It is thick, muscular, solid, grounded, fleshy, with a tendency towards gaining weight. There are broad hips and shoulders. The legs are shorter with a longer torso (ex. Burt Reynolds).

Famous Examples: Emeril Lagasse and Paula Deen from the Food Network, Marilyn Monroe

For more information we suggest our teacher, Patrician McCarthy’s site.

Further Reading:
The Face Reader by Patrician McCarthy
Face Reading in Chinese Medicine by Lillian Bridges
The Power of Face Reading by Rose Rosetree
Between Heaven and Earth by Beinfield and Korngold -simple, straightforward 5 Element explanation


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