TCM Parasite and Colon Cleanse

Recovering health requires efficiently letting go of what is no longer useful and saying goodbye to unwanted guests. Accomplishing this on a physical level facilitates releasing emotional attachments and regaining clarity. Harboring one type of bacteria or virus or excessive yeast in the system predisposes the individual to invasion by another because the body is already weakened. There is a myth in the U.S. that you have to travel abroad to get parasites, but we have some right here too. The  following are common ways parasites are spread:

  1. having pets
  2. drinking or swimming in water containing parasites
  3. travel
  4. raw and undercooked foods
  5. physical contact, especially amongst children
  6. overuse of antibiotics (kills beneficial flora and leaves intestines more vulnerable)

Chronic constipation, excess mucous (dampness), and Spleen Qi deficiency (weak digestion) also will predispose you to parasites. I do not advocate getting rid of your dogs or not eating sushi. It is important to know the risks involved in certain activities and take the proper precautions. This may mean doing a yearly parasite cleanse, for example. And putting your pets and family members on one as well.

Common symptoms of parasites

  1. constipation, bloating, a belly that never goes away
  2. anemia, malabsorption, food intolerances
  3. fatigue, irritability
  4. chronic fatigue, low immunity
  5. mental fog, teeth grinding
  6. skin itching, acne

It is important to follow a balanced detox program. This means that you don’t want to annihilate your own body while trying to clear it of parasites and excess congestion. For example, excessive and too frequent fasting can weaken your digestion. As can excessive intake of cold, raw foods. What constitutes “excessive” varies according to the individual.

Simple Detox Diet
An effective cleanse can be accomplished simply by avoiding processed foods, sugars, dairy, white breads, and fried foods. (I don’t count quality dairy as an unhealthy food, but it  does contribute to mucous formation). Make half your diet vegetables. Make your only sweets whole fruits. Eat whole grains, healthy oils, real salt, and lean organic meats. drink plenty of water. Coconut and papaya have anti-fungal and anti-parasitic actions.

Parasite and Colon Cleanse
In addition to a clean diet, you will want to take herbs to kill parasites and their eggs and to remove compacted buildup from your colon. There are many herbs that kill parasites. The most commonly used are: clove, the green hulls of black walnut, pumpkin seeds, wormwood, and turkey rhubarb root (Da Huang). There are many formulas on the market and we sell one at our clinic.

A good probiotic or fermented foods are essential to take as they will help to rebalance the intestines. Digestive enzymes are also helpful to strengthen your digestion to avoid future issues.


2 thoughts on “TCM Parasite and Colon Cleanse

  1. This is great as I am in the process of finding out which detox is best for me. Just by slowly eliminating certain foods my tummy is shrinking. I keep a journal of what I did not eat the day before that made my bloating go away and stay away from them.

    What are your thoughts on a simple three day fast just eating citrus fruits or just freshly squeezed lemon in water.


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