TCM by the Seasons- Late Summer

Ancient Chinese Medicine evolved on the premise of achieving balance to prolong a healthy, fulfilling life. The idea was that in a healthy body, the individual could develop his/her mind for wisdom and community benefit. This balance was achieved with lifestyle, exercise, food, and therapies that would balance the individual to the seasons and life changes. Every month Cinnabar offers specials to attune the body appropriately for the time of year. These therapies will help keep you well if you are already healthy and bring you back into balance if you are not.

Late Summer relates to the Earth element (the Spleen and Stomach).  The theme for the Earth is “center” and “balance.”

Dietarily food should be prepared simply with a minimum of seasonings. Eat mildly sweet foods, yellow foods, and round foods such as corn, yams, millet, rice, cantalope, and string beans at every meal.

We have chosen specials that alternate hot and cold to stimulate the lymphatic system (related to the Earth element) and balance excessive heat. Our PMS treatment is primarily geared to calm excessive Liver energy which overacts upon the Spleen and Stomach.


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