Building Your Earth

The Earth element tends to be the least appreciated of the 5 elements. A strong Earth element will help you feel grounded, at ease with yourself and with others, and stable,

The following are some easy ways to balance the Earth element in yourself:

Grounding Meditation

A very simple meditation is to either sit in a chair with your feet on the ground or stand in horse stance. Imagine that there is a great ball of light at the center of the Earth.

Inhale into your heart.

Exhale your breath down through your body, through the soles of your feet, down into that ball of light at the center of the Earth.

Inhale that light back up into your heart.

Exhale the love in your heart down to Earth.

Just repeat until you feel grounded and calm. We recommend this meditation any time you feel stressed, scattered, or anxious. There is nothing we carry that the Earth cannot handle.

Walk Barefoot

We are so accustomed to so much space and padding between our barefeet and the ground. This causes a disconnect on many levels. For one we lose sensitivity in our feet to read information from our environment. When we begin to walk and exercise without shoes for any length of time our feet begin to relay as much information as our hands.

We also lose musculature, mobility, and balance in our feet which means we literally cannot trust our own feet to support us. This affects us physically in terms of causing injuries to ankles, knees, and hips, and psychologically in not trusting our physical abilities.

Finally, we are literally disconnecting from the Earth when we never come in contact with it. Never being aware of the Earth underneath our feet translates into a lack of consciousness.

Grow Something

Or at least play in the dirt. Growing our own vegetables and/or herbs has a doubly strong effect in building our own Earth element. Digestion and nourishing/being nourished by our environment are both Earth element functions. Connecting with how our food is grown while actually getting our hands in the dirt will go a long way to build your Earth element.


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