What Do I Do When It Hurts?

As an acupuncturist one of the complaints I often encounter is patients who have given up hope, both in medicine and in their own bodies’ ability to heal. What i am going to discuss relates primarily to musculoskeletal complaints, but can be applied to any condition.

No matter what the condition it is important to remember two things:

1. The body is an amazing system that has an incredible ability to regenerate. However, this regeneration often requires our direct and stubborn intent.

2. In injuries and conditions that don’t easily resolve, this is our queue to dig deeper and uncover the underlying reason. Sometimes the reason is simply structural such as pronating your foot, asymytries etc. Sometimes it is more disruptive as in the case of a stressful job or toxic relationship literally making you sick or debilitated.

Holistic, Alternative, and Integrative (or whatever you want to call it) medicine is based on these two principles. What you will find is an emphasis on seeking out what isn’t promoting your state of health and fixing it.

in my patients is musculoskeletal pain due to injuries or mysterious appearances. In TCM pain means the qi is blocked and the way to alleviate it is to create movement.

There is nothing mystical or miraculous about acupuncture (well anymore than a good diet, adequate regular rest, a meditation practice, etc. is). It sends a signal to your body to function the way it is supposed to. Similarly when you do a yoga pose with proper form and hold it through the initial discomfort something in your body clicks and the qi begins to flow the way it should again.

Through personal experience and witnessing patients and friends, musculoskeletal pain does not have to be a prison sentence. If you are willing to go through the work and accept the change you can change your condition and come out healthier for it.

In these cases manual work and energy work done you in conjunction with movement therapy in conjunction with supportive diet, sleep, herbs, and mental outlook will transform you.


One thought on “What Do I Do When It Hurts?

  1. I had almost forgotten. I had a transforming experience with herbs 20 years ago. Lately I’d given up hope of ever having a day without pain. Thank you for posting this – I have a direction to go to look for help.

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